Late last week, my husband could see I was exhausted when mid conversation I forgot what we were talking about. Lucky for me he’s very hands on and took over the kids department all day Saturday. I got to make best friends with the couch and sleep until the cow’s came home. Seriously I did.

By Sunday I felt a lot less grouchy and a lot more fun to be around. My girls reap the benefits as we enjoy each others company over tv, books and games.

Life is good when you’ve slept!

Sovanny x

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When it comes to raising our girls, I’ll admit that I’ve always worn the strict hat. While I make the rules and expect the husband to follow suit it doesn’t exactly happen that way.Indeed parenting has it’s challenges but I won’t go online about it.

With so much going on at the same time I’ve definitely relaxed over the years. Things that I said I’d never do as a parent, I did. There’s no textbook on how to parent and if there are then it should only be taken lightly. I mean really, how does the book know your kids as well as you do!

One thing that you definitely learn to do more of on the parenting job is run and act like a kid all over again.

Sovanny x


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I remeber walking into a coffee shop whilst I was on parental leave with Madison. The barista asked what I was up to that day. I replied saying nothing and the conversation ended there. Thing is, I was busy. Really busy. My hands were full. Day and night I was nurturing a little baby that was completely dependent on me. Besides the feeding, sleeping and changing pattern, I was taking her for walks, on play dates with mothers group, rhyme time at the library and countless other activities. I just didn’t feel that someone would be interested in hearing about us singing nursery rhymes or that it took me 2 hours to get her down for her morning nap. Those conversations were best had with my mothers group.

She’s now a little over 3 years old and needs double if not triple the stimulation so even when it’s cold outside we take our chances and head out anyway. Those puddles which were once just a nuisance are now great for the babe to jump around in. Through her, I’ve really started to enjoy the absolute simple pleasures in life and for that I am grateful. Her baby sister also enjoys watching her play.

Hope you like the little snippet of our day.

Sovanny x


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Afer having my second daughter Gemma ( now 7.5 months), I felt a bursting need to get back into the styling and blogging scene. I missed it. Like really missed it.

Suddenly, weeks and months passed by. Come to think of it soon it will be Christmas and while, I’ve kept myself very busy, little has been accomplished. The reality is, I am a mother of 2 who’s set herself up for failure by putting too much on her to do list. A mother who is sleep deprived, over tired and lacking creativity because she can’t focus.

For a while, I have been thinking about how to bounce back and it’s been a struggle. I mean why can’t I just enjoy motherhood for what it is. Although I’ve been a little checked out, there are a lot of style bloggers out there I keep tabs on and look up to. I see how they’ve flourished in the past 12 months and they give me hope. With that there have been more than a few attempts to do a style shoot, but everything I’ve worn in the last few months has been an experiment. One that’s truly had more misses than hits. Mostly because my old wardrobe wasn’t suitable for me anymore. I needed to re-style myself for the new me.

Then back in May, I began volunteering my time at a local opportunity shop. It wasn’t until then that I re-descovered my love for thrifting and affordable fashion. After all, it’s part of the reason why I started Mode Madison. Since then, I’ve slowly been curating pieces and updating my wardrobe to give it a fresh and practical look. With clothes that are suitable for everyday wear. Suitable meaning, I can run errands in them, play with my girls in them and clothes that are all breastfeeding friendly. What does this look like? Think joggers, oversized shirts, overalls and anything that’s a wrap. There’s also the occasional chic pieces for my girls night outs.

So here I am, the new Style Gem where stylish (and practical) meets motherhood. Stay tuned for more style posts.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xxx


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