What do you look for in clothing?

I search for texture, patterns and the little details that make the garment different and edgy but above all comfort. As for my girls, the clothing they wear needs to allow them to be free to move around in and cater for their active lifestyles.

Sydney based label, Little Edge Apparel can provide all of the above. Designer and owner Kate is a mum of one with another bub on the way. She’s done an incredible job in creating unisex pieces for kids. Then there’s also affordable and stylish pieces for mum if you’re into twinning, comfort, edgy and something versatile enough to wear pre, during and post baby.

My Instagram husband was at work when I took these images of the girls. Though I do want to mention that on this day we all wore matching leopard pieces from Little Edge Apparel. What is not to love about a trio in matching leopard print. The girls at school just about died from cuteness overload when the three of us rocked in wearing matchy matchy pieces. Apart from being so cute, these clothes are incredibly soft, comfortable and versatile enough dressed as is or layered over and under other clothing.

Check Little Edge Apparel out (@liledgeapparel) to see their full collection. It’ll be love at first sight.

Sovanny x


Girls are wearing: Romper and Harem shorts from Little Edge Apparel

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I hope everyone has had a fabulous start to the week! It’s definitely an exciting one for us with my Instagram recently hitting the 5k milestone. To celebrate and say thank you, we’ve teamed up with the following amazing stores to bring to you my very first loop giveaway.

Dudes n Dolls
Little Boo-Teek
Little Edge Apparel
My Boutique
Velvet and Rose London

What’s fabulous about this loop is that all of these contributors are long time supporters and fellow girls bosses. Most of which all have children and are successfully running a a small business. You all know how much I love supporting all the ladies out there living the dream right!

In preparation for this giveaway, the girls and I ventured out and did a special photoshoot with clothing, accessories and toys that we’d received and purchased from all of these amazing stores. These items that we’ve got from the stores are incredible so I hope you get on board with the giveaway, show some love and enter if you will. Winner takes all with full details on the gram.

Love, Sovanny x


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This week, women all across the globe celebrated International Womens Day. It was great to see pictures splashed across the net of women embracing modern day life and talk about what it means to be a women.

For me, it’s a day I celebrated not only for being a women but a mother and role model for my growing girls. We live in a society where we are so exposed and it’s easy to paint a perfect picture of your life on Instagram but no ones perfect. So I decided to share on the gram, 10 raw and very real facts about myself. It felt refreshing to keep it real and the response was extremely positive. If you read the facts, you will have also noted that I found it difficult growing up. I am sure my parents did the best that they could though I really struggled living with them. As a teen, I had wanted to run away from home many times and always dreamed of a better life away from home. Coming from a family of four ( two boys and two girls ) siblings, I was the eldest and remember feeling as though I wasn’t my brothers equal. I don’t like to hang out my dirty laundry online so without dishing any more details on my past, I will write that I’m determined to raise my girls and make them feel like they are just as worthy as all the men out there. No less, no more. Equals.

I am a modern day women in a modern day world and believe that we need to support one another rather than judge. After all, when women work together, we can create some amazing things.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Top from Glassons | Sunglasses from the Mode Madison | Leather overalls from Seed Heritage | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Singlet from Little Edge Apparel | Splash harems from Whitefilly
Gemma is wearing: Top from The LB Brand | Acid wash pants from Howi clothing | Everything else old

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Joggers_1Being able to confidently stand and surf around the furniture at 11 months old, we’ve been waiting for the day where Gemma decided she was ready to begin walking. Then last week on valentines day, Gemma (now 15 months old) took her first shaky little steps. It was a moment to be thankful for our mobile phones as I caught this milestone on video whilst at the park.

Now that she is walking, those hip hugging moments that we’ve been able to catch on our photoshoots will be nothing but a memory in a few months time. From todays photoshoot experience, it’s quite the game changer when it comes to taking the images with two walkers. Before we headed out for our street style shoot today, I decided to take a few images of the girls in the studio. Having them both stand for a photo together was so adorable and even Madison was as proud as punch.

It is the weekend, so nothing beats wearing joggers right?! I don’t know how I manage to catch these images but I did and I may be biased but I think they look really cool. Here’s part 1. of our ‘Joggers’ photoshoot.

Sovanny x

Joggers_5 Joggers_8 Joggers_7 Joggers_10 Joggers_2 Joggers_9

Maddie is wearing: Top from Fussy Gus | Cardigan from Beau Hudson | Joggers from Sweet Child of Mine | Steampunks from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Joggers from Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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Each day we’ve got a solid 24 hours to do what we’d like do and that doesn’t go without sleep.

My task list is never ending and yet I feel as though most of what I have had to do is left on the curb because I’ve spent far to much of my precious time online. Much to my dislike, my phone has taken over my life and I’m admittedly an insta-addict. I know that some of you reading this feel the same way and if you are reading this, how do you strike a healthy balance.

This struggle is real people which is why from tomorrow I’ve decided to give myself a 72 hour detox from Instagram. I’ll be using my time to catch up on the likes of my family, business and sleep.

On a more fashionable note, I have been in search for flares since I saw on them through the babes of Instagram. Finally, I randomly came across a lacey pair. I can’t even believe that I’m sporting a pair of see through lace flares but I am and I love them. Best of all they have an elasticated waist! Hells yeah. Score them now for only $20 at Glassons. You’re very welcome.

Sovanny xxx

Timeout_4 Timeout_5 Timeout_1 Timeout_6Timeout_2

I’m wearing: Lace flare and top from Glassons | Sunglasses from the LB Brand | Thrifted necklace | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing:Everything old
Gemma is wearing: Moccs from Bellaru baby | Everything else old

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When it comes to jewellery I’ve always loved wearing bold and chunky statement pieces. It isn’t often I get to wear jewellery anymore with the girls pulling and tugging on them all the time. So when I do wear I piece, I like to make it worth my while which is why I have my eye on every single piece from the Velvet and Rose London collection.

Trudy, founder of Velvet and Rose London is a talented London based designer and I was recently lucky enough to style a stunning necklace from her collection. What I love most about this necklace is it’s cleverly designed adjustable string allowing you to wear it at a length that suits you are your outfit. It’s all handmade with quality beading and the colour combination is just divine. Drawing inspiration from celebrity mum Beyonce I produced an editorial style shoot to depict the life of a modern mother enjoying the qualities of home life and life with her children.


As part of our collaboration, I also took the time to get to know a little more about Trudy. Here’s what I found out about this gorgeous momma of one.

Congratulations on the recent launch of your label. Tell us a little about yourself and your inspiration behind Velvet & Rose London

Thank you Sovanny. My name is Trudy Furusa and am a self taught designer based in the Uk. I have always loved fashion from a very young age and  I  remember I used to rip my clothes apart and put bits and bobs together in patterns that I liked.

A few years after I moved to the Uk I started buying and selling clothes to friends and family and online as well. It was very rewarding but i wanted something I could put my stamp on it, something I could connect with, something bold and that’s how Velvet and Rose was born.

Recently a friend showed me a necklace that I sold to her 5 years ago before VRL and I honestly could not remember it at first until she reminded me of the events that led to her buying that necklace.

As a working mother, what does a day in the office look like and whats the best part of your job?

Everything revolves around my daughter and as a result I have learnt to maximize my time as I do not have set times when I start or finish work. No two days are the same, sometimes I am up as early as possible to catch up on orders and emails and in the day time make calls or go out for meetings. The best part of my job is spending time with my daughter and doing what I love.

Your collection is full of bold and edgy pieces. What is the most unusual/exciting custom made request you’ve received from a client?

A few months ago I had the privilege to make a piece for a bride. It took me a good few days to sit down and start working on it as it was out of my comfort zone and went back and forth during the process. The piece had a lot of intricate details and it was worthwhile being able to meet the brides expectations.

With a young family and as an emerging designer, what you be your one piece of advice for those who find the juggling act tough to follow?

Persevere !!! It is not easy juggling family and building a brand, always remind yourself why you started in the first place because it is all worth it in the end. I have also found that planning ahead to keep on top of things is the way forward as family life changes regularly. I would also recommend to take some time out for yourself some fresh air will go a long way.

Thank you so much for dropping by the blog and don’t forget to follow Trudy now on Instagram.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Yellow Mantis necklace from Velvet & Rose London | All clothing and eyewear from Mode Madison

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When it comes to fashion I have a very special place for sustainable, eco, used, vintage and locally produced clothing.

Then there’s the affordability and accessibility aspect which is important for me to factor in. With two young children, not only am I time poor but I can no longer frequently splurge on expensive clothing. This is why I am such a huge fan of online shopping. Not only is online shopping accessible, the platform makes it incredibly easy to shop around and bargain hunt for your particular price point.

Online stores such as Boohoo pride themselves on being able to provide affordable and trendy fashion and beauty products. So when they asked me to put together an entire Spring outfit for $120 this is what I came up with. It’s amazing that I managed to get a dress, shoes, clutch and beauty products at such great value.

The babes and I all got ready to party in our floral dresses and played chinese whispers mid shoot. I just love how my eldest daughter brings back the most delightful childhood memories.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Everything by Boohoo | Dress | Clutch | Shoes | Bronzing Multi Mix
Babes wearing: Everything old

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I have had this dress sitting at Mode Madison HQ for the longest time, reluntant to let it go to a proud new owner. The detachable straps, flattering frill across the top and elegant tie waist had me. It had me because I knew I would feel comfortable wearing it, was able to easily breastfeed given its detachable straps and pictured it being perfect for when the warmer weather hit Melbourne.

Fast foward six months, Melbourne changed from chilly to warm last (not for long) last weekend. I embraced it with open arms and yelped on the inside knowing exactly what I’d be wearing.

This pretty vintage dress is truly a piece of the tasteful 90’s when slip dresses were so in.

Have I got you feeling the 90’s too?

Hope you’re having an amazing weekend and thanks for reading.

Sovanny x


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Sundays are definitely fun days over here. Us girls, take full advantage of daddy being around and let’s just say that by the time the weekend is over, the poor guy is exhausted.

Today, the sun was shining here is Melbourne and if we stood in the sun it warm enough this afternoon to rock our new ‘Love Me’ tees we gratefully won via Maiko Mini on Instagram. A Melbourne based shop that stocks tees for the coolest kids (and mommas) on the block! Hello…I am obsessed already. Stocking delicious designs that you will instantly fall in love with, I definitely recommend you heading over and checking them out!

Sovanny x


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