What do you look for in clothing?

I search for texture, patterns and the little details that make the garment different and edgy but above all comfort. As for my girls, the clothing they wear needs to allow them to be free to move around in and cater for their active lifestyles.

Sydney based label, Little Edge Apparel can provide all of the above. Designer and owner Kate is a mum of one with another bub on the way. She’s done an incredible job in creating unisex pieces for kids. Then there’s also affordable and stylish pieces for mum if you’re into twinning, comfort, edgy and something versatile enough to wear pre, during and post baby.

My Instagram husband was at work when I took these images of the girls. Though I do want to mention that on this day we all wore matching leopard pieces from Little Edge Apparel. What is not to love about a trio in matching leopard print. The girls at school just about died from cuteness overload when the three of us rocked in wearing matchy matchy pieces. Apart from being so cute, these clothes are incredibly soft, comfortable and versatile enough dressed as is or layered over and under other clothing.

Check Little Edge Apparel out (@liledgeapparel) to see their full collection. It’ll be love at first sight.

Sovanny x


Girls are wearing: Romper and Harem shorts from Little Edge Apparel

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Joggers_1Being able to confidently stand and surf around the furniture at 11 months old, we’ve been waiting for the day where Gemma decided she was ready to begin walking. Then last week on valentines day, Gemma (now 15 months old) took her first shaky little steps. It was a moment to be thankful for our mobile phones as I caught this milestone on video whilst at the park.

Now that she is walking, those hip hugging moments that we’ve been able to catch on our photoshoots will be nothing but a memory in a few months time. From todays photoshoot experience, it’s quite the game changer when it comes to taking the images with two walkers. Before we headed out for our street style shoot today, I decided to take a few images of the girls in the studio. Having them both stand for a photo together was so adorable and even Madison was as proud as punch.

It is the weekend, so nothing beats wearing joggers right?! I don’t know how I manage to catch these images but I did and I may be biased but I think they look really cool. Here’s part 1. of our ‘Joggers’ photoshoot.

Sovanny x

Joggers_5 Joggers_8 Joggers_7 Joggers_10 Joggers_2 Joggers_9

Maddie is wearing: Top from Fussy Gus | Cardigan from Beau Hudson | Joggers from Sweet Child of Mine | Steampunks from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Joggers from Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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January wrapped up with a big bang. My vintage shop, Mode Madison expanded and is now available in two locations across Melbourne. I also successfully completed my No Tummy Mommy 30 day challenge and to wrap up the month, I reached 4k followers on Instagram. Do 4000 people really follow me on Instagram?

There’s certainly a lot to celebrate about and today I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite January out takes. These are a collection of un-relased images.

Enjoy and thanks so much for all your ongoing support.

Sovanny x


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Doo Wop Kids – Step to the beat of your own drum.

A catchy label with a just as catchy tag line! We just love and to be completely honest haven’t been this excited about a kids label in a very long time. We think that even the minimalists will adore colour and patterns when they see the designs from their playful ‘Kid N Play’ collection.


The collection of apparel comes equipped with clever names to match the designs and then packaged in a creative customised sealed bag, swing tags, thank you card and sticker. There’s definitely no lack in giving shoppers a quality experience and there is zero skimping on the details when you shop this Australian based kids line.


Maddie sports the tastefully bold Whoduni tee and loves it so much she didn’t want to get it dirty so she could wear it the next day. That speaks volumes coming from a three year old.

Doo Wop Kids collection is available online and is now also stocked at Infancy Shop.

Thanks for dropping in.

Sovanny x

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Sundays are definitely fun days over here. Us girls, take full advantage of daddy being around and let’s just say that by the time the weekend is over, the poor guy is exhausted.

Today, the sun was shining here is Melbourne and if we stood in the sun it warm enough this afternoon to rock our new ‘Love Me’ tees we gratefully won via Maiko Mini on Instagram. A Melbourne based shop that stocks tees for the coolest kids (and mommas) on the block! Hello…I am obsessed already. Stocking delicious designs that you will instantly fall in love with, I definitely recommend you heading over and checking them out!

Sovanny x


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I usually end up in K-mart when it’s time to top up on basics for the babes. Not only is it affordable but if you’re lucky, you’ll also land some awesome gear.

On my recent trip to K-mart, flannel pj’s was on the shopping list. It’s Winter and my eldest was suddenly wearing crop tops and 3/4 length pants so sleep. I swear my daughter wakes up and suddenly she’s just taller. Growth spurts aside though, the flannel pj’s were at a reduced price of just $5!! Let’s just say I bought up.

Next thing you know, the girls were in matching pj’s and oh my goodness these little ice-cream babies sure looked cute.

These pj’s are still there so go get e’m loves.

Sovanny x


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Since having the babes, my shopping sprees have generally consisted of topping up on the kids clothes. It’s really easy to get sucked in when kids clothes are so darn small and cute. Getting sucked in results in the occasional splurge but mostly their clothes are either hand me downs or from affordable lines such as Cotton On Kids, H&M, The LB Brand, Target and K-Mart.

We’re all individuals in this household but…I can’t help dressing them the way I’d like to be dressed. Hence the twinning Tartan. There’s just no way, the kids are growing up fashionably with out it. My daughter absolutely loves wearing the same clothes as I which is really exciting to see. Our matching shirts (both Cotton On) are soft and tick the comfortable box allowing us to move freely and feel stylish at the same time.

Do you have any favourite momma and mini me brands?

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Tartan Shirt by Cotton On | Sunglasses by The LB Brand | Drop crotch joggers by Ava | Everything else old
Babe wearing: Tartan shirt by Cotton On Kids | Sunglasses from Mode Madison | Everything else old

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Is it your thing? Many years before I had kids, I observed a mother while she pick out jelly beans from a bowl – 2 of each colour. She must have noticed that I looked at her oddly and began to explain that her twins just can’t deal when they get different things so she tends to get the same of everything. That explained my years of wondering why parents dress their kids the same way.

Since I’ve had kids though, there have been loads of images streaming through social media with mothers dressing the same way as their children. I have been down that path and tried to pull it off but I do feel that kids wearing the same clothes is far cuter.

Rewind back a week ago, I strolled through cottonon.com to stock up on winter warmers and basics for the girls. Then I realised that I could get a size 1 and a size 4 in everything I wanted to buy. There was just no stopping me at that point. When the delivery came, I’d realised I had gone overboard but my goodness they were cute. And these images prove to me that twinning kids is awesome.

Stay tuned for more twinning.



Wearing: Joey Long Jumpsuits by Cotton On Kids found here

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