Afer having my second daughter Gemma ( now 7.5 months), I felt a bursting need to get back into the styling and blogging scene. I missed it. Like really missed it.

Suddenly, weeks and months passed by. Come to think of it soon it will be Christmas and while, I’ve kept myself very busy, little has been accomplished. The reality is, I am a mother of 2 who’s set herself up for failure by putting too much on her to do list. A mother who is sleep deprived, over tired and lacking creativity because she can’t focus.

For a while, I have been thinking about how to bounce back and it’s been a struggle. I mean why can’t I just enjoy motherhood for what it is. Although I’ve been a little checked out, there are a lot of style bloggers out there I keep tabs on and look up to. I see how they’ve flourished in the past 12 months and they give me hope. With that there have been more than a few attempts to do a style shoot, but everything I’ve worn in the last few months has been an experiment. One that’s truly had more misses than hits. Mostly because my old wardrobe wasn’t suitable for me anymore. I needed to re-style myself for the new me.

Then back in May, I began volunteering my time at a local opportunity shop. It wasn’t until then that I re-descovered my love for thrifting and affordable fashion. After all, it’s part of the reason why I started Mode Madison. Since then, I’ve slowly been curating pieces and updating my wardrobe to give it a fresh and practical look. With clothes that are suitable for everyday wear. Suitable meaning, I can run errands in them, play with my girls in them and clothes that are all breastfeeding friendly. What does this look like? Think joggers, oversized shirts, overalls and anything that’s a wrap. There’s also the occasional chic pieces for my girls night outs.

So here I am, the new Style Gem where stylish (and practical) meets motherhood. Stay tuned for more style posts.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xxx


I’m wearing: Jumpsuit by Missguided | Sunglasses from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Kids wearing: Leopard sweaters by Cotton On Kids | Everything else old

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Is it your thing? Many years before I had kids, I observed a mother while she pick out jelly beans from a bowl – 2 of each colour. She must have noticed that I looked at her oddly and began to explain that her twins just can’t deal when they get different things so she tends to get the same of everything. That explained my years of wondering why parents dress their kids the same way.

Since I’ve had kids though, there have been loads of images streaming through social media with mothers dressing the same way as their children. I have been down that path and tried to pull it off but I do feel that kids wearing the same clothes is far cuter.

Rewind back a week ago, I strolled through to stock up on winter warmers and basics for the girls. Then I realised that I could get a size 1 and a size 4 in everything I wanted to buy. There was just no stopping me at that point. When the delivery came, I’d realised I had gone overboard but my goodness they were cute. And these images prove to me that twinning kids is awesome.

Stay tuned for more twinning.



Wearing: Joey Long Jumpsuits by Cotton On Kids found here

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