It’s been three months since I last posted on the blog so I’m very excited to be online again writing and cannot wait to catchup with my supporters on the bloggerspher. Today my dear friends marks a very special occasion as I wrap up with school tomorrow. I poured my heart and soul into my styling course so whilst I’m truly glad it’s just about over, I’m also sad and nervous. My focus has been managing all that I have that I haven’t been able to focus on what’s ahead.

What I do know is that I’ll finally get around to spending more time with these chicky babes and I can finally get to de-cluttering my house, giving my wardrobe a spring clean and looking after my very neglected vintage store. I believe my kids are even excited to have more of mummy back.



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Over the last few months, I’ve taken my passion for styling to a whole new level and it’s consuming my life hence my absence on the blog.

I absolutely love what I do and blessed that my family and close friends have my back. Some say I make managing motherhood, school, a business and styling look easy but let me tell you it takes commitment and doesn’t come without sacrifices.

I hope you’ve all been following my styling journey on Instagram and via MG Styling.

Sovanny x


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When you’re living in a part of Melbourne that’s spoilt with streetart, it’s seems only fitting to capture them on our photoshoots.

I do love to opt for clean canvases to avoid distraction from our outfits but otherwise I think it adds to the whole look and feel of our style and aesthetic. At times it’ll also just be graffiti or sometimes shitty tag on the wall but I’ll never edit these out as I love to show my readers the kind of urban grit this city has to offer, love it or hate it.

Earlier this year when I was driving home from work, I spotted this new gorgeous orange mural. I absolutely love the moment when you see a wall you want to take pictures in front of. It’s the best right? Months passed and today we finally ventured out that way to run a few errands and have brunch. When we arrived at the mural to take photos, I was please to see that this area was set up into a nice little hub with park benches, a deck against the wall for the kids to climb on and a central rock climbing station. The girls loved hanging about and if a storm wasn’t about to hit, we wouldn’t have made a dash so quickly.

The artist is unknown but I hope you love these as much as I do.

Sovanny x

Orangeswirl_4Orangeswirl_12Orangeswirl_8Orangeswirl_6Orange Swirl_11Orangeswirl_3

I am wearing: Top by The LB Brand| Everything else old

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When my girls we’re tiny babies and sleep routines were yet to be established, I recall sleeping with one eye open. Other nights, I’d play dead so my husband did the waking. It’s very cheeky I know but there’s something about sleep deprivation that channels the part of you that you don’t want to be. Momma bears, I know you can relate. Yes?

Fast forward a few years and the babes were sleeping beautifully until a few weeks ago. In between Gemma cutting through her fangs and molars and Maddie turning into a mini teenager the lack of sleep has crept back in to our household. The difference the time is that now hubs and I have had a taste of good sleep, broken sleep feels ten times worse than the newborn baby days.

I really don’t understand how kids can be full of beans after a rough night. Meanwhile I’m fumbling around trying not to walk into a wall. So what do I do to stay sane and get the energy to start the day? For a while it was coffee (about 4 cups) but I’ve kicked that to the curb and tried the Teami teas. One and a half weeks in and not a single cup of coffee! I feel great. Add exercise using the No Tummy Mummy 30 day challenge as a guide and I have something else to keep me moving, feeling good about myself and eating healthy again. It isn’t just having a good exercise and diet routine though. For the girls and I there’s nothing better than getting out of the house for some fresh air rain or shine. Whether it’s heading to the park, chilling at a cafe, visiting galleries or catching up with friends all of us are in better moods when we are out and about.

What things do you like to do to stay sane?

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Sandler Shoes | Everything old
Maddie and Gemma are wearing: Dresses from Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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Often I chase my own tail when it comes to making big  life decisions. When the going gets tough with business, I get to this dark place where I want to shut it all down and just get a regular job. A regular job where I’m not faced with big decisions, late nights or financial stress but more importantly one that can guarantee stability for my family.

Ealier this year I was very close to handing in the towel and going back to my roots in a HR job that would have provided me all of the above. After my second interview I wasn’t successful and although I felt defeated at the time it was truly a blessing in disguise. I came back full circle and then decided to take up the opportunity and get a styling qualification. This was huge huge huge and I knew there would be sacrifices involved but on the flip side it was an investment into something I feel so passionately about.

Now at school, it’s been difficult on the work front. I’ve had little time to invest into it and moreover I’m feeling it needs to change and evolve into something more. Basically I want to do everything at the same time but the days are short and the task list is long.

Then there’s parenting in the mix. At times, my kids need my attention when I can’t give it to them and that can be heartbreaking. Other times, I can’t wait to go to school so I get a bit of me time. Parenting with school and work in the mix is nothing new people but it’s one that takes dedication and one that you really have to prepare yourself for. Do you want it or don’t you? Truth be told I want and crave it all and hope my girls feed off my work ethic.

Do you have a life where you’re constantly juggling duties?

Sovanny x


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March has been both exciting and busy for us. I started school to get a little more acquainted with fashion styling, Maddie turned 4, Gemma started talking and now it’s already Easter. In between all of this and the daily grind, we celebrated a 5k giveaway on the gram and coming up there is an array of other really exciting collaborations.

I really can’t wait to share the excitement though the in meantime, I wanted to drop in, share a few pictures of the babes and I and wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.

Sending our love, Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Jumpsuit by My Boutique | Sunglasses from the LB brand | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Pants from Fussy Gus | Top from Axel & Sis | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Romper by Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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I hope everyone has had a fabulous start to the week! It’s definitely an exciting one for us with my Instagram recently hitting the 5k milestone. To celebrate and say thank you, we’ve teamed up with the following amazing stores to bring to you my very first loop giveaway.

Dudes n Dolls
Little Boo-Teek
Little Edge Apparel
My Boutique
Velvet and Rose London

What’s fabulous about this loop is that all of these contributors are long time supporters and fellow girls bosses. Most of which all have children and are successfully running a a small business. You all know how much I love supporting all the ladies out there living the dream right!

In preparation for this giveaway, the girls and I ventured out and did a special photoshoot with clothing, accessories and toys that we’d received and purchased from all of these amazing stores. These items that we’ve got from the stores are incredible so I hope you get on board with the giveaway, show some love and enter if you will. Winner takes all with full details on the gram.

Love, Sovanny x


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This week, women all across the globe celebrated International Womens Day. It was great to see pictures splashed across the net of women embracing modern day life and talk about what it means to be a women.

For me, it’s a day I celebrated not only for being a women but a mother and role model for my growing girls. We live in a society where we are so exposed and it’s easy to paint a perfect picture of your life on Instagram but no ones perfect. So I decided to share on the gram, 10 raw and very real facts about myself. It felt refreshing to keep it real and the response was extremely positive. If you read the facts, you will have also noted that I found it difficult growing up. I am sure my parents did the best that they could though I really struggled living with them. As a teen, I had wanted to run away from home many times and always dreamed of a better life away from home. Coming from a family of four ( two boys and two girls ) siblings, I was the eldest and remember feeling as though I wasn’t my brothers equal. I don’t like to hang out my dirty laundry online so without dishing any more details on my past, I will write that I’m determined to raise my girls and make them feel like they are just as worthy as all the men out there. No less, no more. Equals.

I am a modern day women in a modern day world and believe that we need to support one another rather than judge. After all, when women work together, we can create some amazing things.

Sovanny x


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Maddie is wearing: Singlet from Little Edge Apparel | Splash harems from Whitefilly
Gemma is wearing: Top from The LB Brand | Acid wash pants from Howi clothing | Everything else old

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Photoshoots with the girls can be a real challenge. On the flip side it’s become a little bit of an activity we’ve bonded over. Now when it’s a good day Maddie strikes a pose but mostly she just shakes her but because she’s hilarious.

A few months back, I shared tips on how we go about our style shoots with kids on the LOT801 blog. If you missed it, here they are with an added tip!

Timing – Often I get asked how on earth do you find the time?!. After all, Gemma still naps twice a day. My best answer is on the weekends, once the kids have had their breakfast and before Gemma has her morning nap. So we’ve literally got a 1 hour window during the day. It works as the kids are truly most happiest during this time. Which leads to my next point.

Make it about them – And us! Generally I’ll get the girls dressed and say ok let’s go to the park or coffee shop. They love a play and they also love a babychino. On the way to our destination we’ll make a quick pit stop and take the photographs. Easy!

Keep it real – I googled a few celebrity paparazzi shots and showed them to my husband so he got a sense of what I was after. I figured if husby photographed us while the babes and I went about our business, the kids wouldn’t feel the pressure of posing and we’d get fun and natural style photographs. Some of it is semi staged so you might catch us running in circles around the same spot. The kids absolutely love running so it’s all good.

Don’t stress – Some days just aren’t made for taking pictures and then there’s the weather. If we really have to do a style shoot on a day like this, we just somehow make it work in the comfort of our own home. Whether it’s on our bed, the couch, the studio or our garden. The beauty of this is, it can be done any time of the day as long as there’s enough light.

Have fun – it’s a great opportunity to bond with the kids so play with them, laugh with them, tickle them and treat them for being awesome.

Patience – Last but not least take about 200 images. I’m not kidding! Kids move a lot and if you want sharp images you need to be quick and prepared to take a load of images.

Auto timer – It was only last year that I discovered the auto time on my phone and camera. Although weird at first it’s great when the husband isn’t around. I simply set the camera on a trip pod and pose with an attempt to make it look as natural as possible. The great thing about this last tip is Maddie loves to be the one that presses the button. She loves it so much we keeps wanting to take more photos.

Thanks for dropping in for a quick read and if you have any more tips please share.

Sovanny x


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Gemma is wearing: Dress by Dudes and Dolls | Everything else old

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