A beautiful package from Heart In Box arrived last Friday just in time for the weekend. Heart in Box, is run by Meng who is a Brisbane based mum originally from Singapore. She’s done quite a bit during her time and through her journey, was inspired to create a business that could play a part in uplifting women at any stage of motherhood. Sounds brilliant to me.

With a long weekend ahead of us, I was definitely up for making some time to get pampered. Pampered? With the kids? Well if you can’t do it alone, I say get them to join in on the fun. After all these beautifully curated ‘You Are Loved’ heart boxes were made to make a girl feel loved and special.

Upon opening the box, the lovely Meng had written me the sweetest note and it was also just the reminder I needed to take a little time to treat myself. The box was also filled with these beautiful items:

– A wood wick soy candle housed in a stunning white glass jars with a white lid.
– A handmade white satin eye-mask with black embroidered lashes for a long good nap.
– A Rose bath soak to soak away all the tiredness.
– A Kate Spade New York “The Short List” notepad.
– A stone ground chocolate to savour with wine.

Come Sunday morning, I decided it was time to indulge. First I lit the candle to get the beautiful aroma going and then the girls and I all gathered in bed over breakfast. As you can see we dug into croissants and chocolate while planning mummy’s to do list using the most perfect little Kate Spade notepad. Post breakfast crumbs were everywhere but that’s a story for another day. Next week, I plan to make use of the gorgeous rose bath soak and that one I will want to do alone with a glass of wine.

Other than the fact that these heart boxes are such a great idea, what I adore most is that it’s a gift that women can truly enjoy. Over the years, many of my friends have had babies and I have always gifted them with baby clothes or flowers but this provides such a perfect and affordable alternative. Heart in Box have an amazing collection of heart boxes for so many occasions that I guarantee you will love. I know what I’ll be getting for my girlfriends in the future and want to thank Meng for this beautiful heart box. I truly do feel loved.

Sovanny x


You can follow Heart In Box on Instagram too!

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When I had my first baby Madison, I was adamant about owning a nappy bag that was versatile and as stylish as any other bag. Like many large nappy bags it came equipped with about ten pockets for me to stash all my mummy things in. I loved it, though the downfall was searching through all the pockets to find items such as keys, wallet, snacks and sunglasses. I honestly could never remember which pockets I put the items in. I also recall feeling as though I had organised myself to be disorganised. Come baby number two, I replaced my beloved nappy bag with a leather backpack as I could no longer deal with all those pockets. It’s the other way around with my backpack – not enough pockets! Therefore all my items just get thrown in and I literally have to dig in.

Chin, founder of Bellhop Bags, created Bellhop files so that she was able place all her daily essentials in an organised manner and pop them straight into which ever bag she was wearing that day. No nappy bag needed but instead just a collection of her favourite handbags. Sounds great doesn’t it?! Today, I gave these Bellhop files a whirl and here’s the down low on this clever little item.

Bellhop files come in two great colours – blue and red. I love both colours although Blue is my favourite and despite having girls, I believe it’s still a very gender neutral colour. It’s minimalist design also makes them stylish enough to carry on their own without cramping your style.

These files are essentially four generous sized zipper pouches grouped together with a large oval hook and individually tabbed for you to organise your belongings in. Once you’ve organised your essentials in these files, you can simply place them in your favourite bag, hook them directly on to your pram or place them in the lower basket. It’s versatile, practical and extremely easy to use. The tabs on these files are easily labelled with the stickers provided (there are 6 different ones) or you can simply write your own file name using a marker. The files are also designed with a transparent mesh at the front so you know exactly what is in them without having to unzip the file. Each of the four files also comes with it’s own individual clip. This makes them easy to detach, giving you the option of only carrying what you need. I’m in love and honestly believe these are a lifesaver.

Let me know what you think and be sure to visit the Bellhop Bags website and follow them on Instagram.

Sovanny x


I am wearing: Dress by Mode Madison | Shoes by Sandler| Featuring the Kaikoura Bellhop file | Everything else old

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Grounded Kidswear. An online shop with a humble name and an even more humble cause. Most of us want to change the world however starting a business that helps to make a positive difference takes commitment, courage and sacrifice. With a passion to give future generations enough inspiration to last a lifetime, it’s definitely one I am on board with as a mother.

Grounded Kidswear have amazing collection of stylish and quality kids clothing, accessories and temporary tattoos. Best of all, they are committed to donating a good portion of all their proceeds every month to charities dedicated to helping underserved youth. For the month of March, 30% of all purchases will benefit Choc Childrens.

Their story is one to admire and I feel honoured to be able to share it on my blog. Just tap to watch it now.

The Grounded Kidswear Story

As part of their season 2 collection, we’ve collaborated with them to show you some creative and well designed basics. With this we’ve also styled my favourite piece, the silver biker jacket. Swoon it’s absolutely gorgeous and Maddie feels like her idol Michael Jackson wearing it. Adorable!

Hop on over and check out the complete range at Grounded Kidswear and shop for a cause.

Sovanny x



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Over on the blog this weekend I’d like to introduce you to an Australian based online boutique – Baby Confetti. Run by girl boss Denise, Baby Confetti specialises in a sweet collection of baby safe accessories and teethers.

Baby Confetti’s necklace collection varies in shapes and colours so you can definitely find one to suit your taste and if not, Denise can custom make you a piece. What I particularly love about their collection is that your little ones don’t have to miss out. As seen on Gemma, all of their necklaces can be made in a mini version. Nothing quite cuter than little people in little outfits with cute little accessories right?!

Together with their custom necklaces we also gave their banana teether a go. Basically it’s a food grade silicone teether that looks like a banana shaped toothbrush! It’s absolutely genius and we’ve found it to be a great substitute/addition to the very popular Sophie the giraffe.

As a mum chasing her dreams, I love supporting others out there who are working hard to make their dreams a reality. So we’ve teamed up with Baby Confetti to host a very exciting giveaway. More details to be announced on Instagram in the next week so stay tuned loves.

Until then I’d love your feedback and hope you have an amazing weekend.

Sovanny x


Gemma and I are wearing: The ‘Gemma’ custom made necklace by Baby Confetti | Featuring the Banana toothbrush by Baby Confetti | Everything else old

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Dani, Geelong based girl boss designs and runs an Australian based online store – My Boutique. Her clothing collection consists of everyday wear wardrobe staples that scream both comfortable and exotic. In collaboration with My Boutique, I’ve styled 2 of their current pieces with some of my favourite vintage and thrifted gems.


Fashionistas worldwide have embraced the off the shoulder trend, a style from the yesteryear. For quite some time, I have been eyeing and drooling over these off the shoulder pieces creating an enormous lust list. Well now with the white ‘Selena’ jumpsuit, I have looked no further. As a mummy it is incredibly important to me to be able to move around in my clothes. Paired with a thrifted hat and my Saltwater sandals, I wore this jumpsuit out and about to the zoo with the girls. It may have seemed a little over-dressed but let me tell you it was definitely the most comfortable overdressed looked I’d ever worn. Like many white pieces, this jumpsuit is quite sheer so it’s perfect as a coverall at the beach or if you’re like me and want to cover up them undies, just wear some shorts or leggings underneath for extra coverage.


Here’s moving on the the french navy ‘Cheyenne’ top. All I can say is easy breezy and well designed. I spent the afternoon hanging with the babes in it and felt cool and covered in our Australian sunshine. For a less feminine and more edgy look, I paired it with a vintage cord skirt, aviators, some handmade jewels and ankle boots. I can definitely see myself wearing this top all throughout the year.


Show this shop some love and stop by their website and instagram page. Thanks for stopping by my loves and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Sovanny x

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When it comes to jewellery I’ve always loved wearing bold and chunky statement pieces. It isn’t often I get to wear jewellery anymore with the girls pulling and tugging on them all the time. So when I do wear I piece, I like to make it worth my while which is why I have my eye on every single piece from the Velvet and Rose London collection.

Trudy, founder of Velvet and Rose London is a talented London based designer and I was recently lucky enough to style a stunning necklace from her collection. What I love most about this necklace is it’s cleverly designed adjustable string allowing you to wear it at a length that suits you are your outfit. It’s all handmade with quality beading and the colour combination is just divine. Drawing inspiration from celebrity mum Beyonce I produced an editorial style shoot to depict the life of a modern mother enjoying the qualities of home life and life with her children.


As part of our collaboration, I also took the time to get to know a little more about Trudy. Here’s what I found out about this gorgeous momma of one.

Congratulations on the recent launch of your label. Tell us a little about yourself and your inspiration behind Velvet & Rose London

Thank you Sovanny. My name is Trudy Furusa and am a self taught designer based in the Uk. I have always loved fashion from a very young age and  I  remember I used to rip my clothes apart and put bits and bobs together in patterns that I liked.

A few years after I moved to the Uk I started buying and selling clothes to friends and family and online as well. It was very rewarding but i wanted something I could put my stamp on it, something I could connect with, something bold and that’s how Velvet and Rose was born.

Recently a friend showed me a necklace that I sold to her 5 years ago before VRL and I honestly could not remember it at first until she reminded me of the events that led to her buying that necklace.

As a working mother, what does a day in the office look like and whats the best part of your job?

Everything revolves around my daughter and as a result I have learnt to maximize my time as I do not have set times when I start or finish work. No two days are the same, sometimes I am up as early as possible to catch up on orders and emails and in the day time make calls or go out for meetings. The best part of my job is spending time with my daughter and doing what I love.

Your collection is full of bold and edgy pieces. What is the most unusual/exciting custom made request you’ve received from a client?

A few months ago I had the privilege to make a piece for a bride. It took me a good few days to sit down and start working on it as it was out of my comfort zone and went back and forth during the process. The piece had a lot of intricate details and it was worthwhile being able to meet the brides expectations.

With a young family and as an emerging designer, what you be your one piece of advice for those who find the juggling act tough to follow?

Persevere !!! It is not easy juggling family and building a brand, always remind yourself why you started in the first place because it is all worth it in the end. I have also found that planning ahead to keep on top of things is the way forward as family life changes regularly. I would also recommend to take some time out for yourself some fresh air will go a long way.

Thank you so much for dropping by the blog and don’t forget to follow Trudy now on Instagram.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Yellow Mantis necklace from Velvet & Rose London | All clothing and eyewear from Mode Madison

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Doo Wop Kids – Step to the beat of your own drum.

A catchy label with a just as catchy tag line! We just love and to be completely honest haven’t been this excited about a kids label in a very long time. We think that even the minimalists will adore colour and patterns when they see the designs from their playful ‘Kid N Play’ collection.


The collection of apparel comes equipped with clever names to match the designs and then packaged in a creative customised sealed bag, swing tags, thank you card and sticker. There’s definitely no lack in giving shoppers a quality experience and there is zero skimping on the details when you shop this Australian based kids line.


Maddie sports the tastefully bold Whoduni tee and loves it so much she didn’t want to get it dirty so she could wear it the next day. That speaks volumes coming from a three year old.

Doo Wop Kids collection is available online and is now also stocked at Infancy Shop.

Thanks for dropping in.

Sovanny x

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Forever_9Hey lovers

I’m twinning again over on the blog with my little girl squad. If you are following my journey on Instagram, you will have noticed that I am not only obsessed with my girls but I’m also obsessed with dressing like them. Can you imagine my extremities had I been gifted with twins?! Recently an instafriend asked where I get all this matching gear from and my reply was ‘with great difficulty’. While I’m sure there are many emerging brands that supply matching mummy and baby clothing, they are hard to find and if it weren’t for Instagram, these discoveries would definitely be few and far.

So let’s talk about mummy and baby online boutique Lylah with Love. This Perth based label is run by Nadine Abrahams, wifey and mother to super cute Lylah-Rose. Using her design skills, Nadine now has a collection of some of the cutest and affordable mother and baby gear I have ever laid eyes on. Her quality is second to none and it isn’t hard to tell that a lot of effort has gone into ensuring all the little details are present. From the roll up sleeves on the tees to the custom cloth bag the items arrive in. You definitely gain a positive experience from this little shop and sometimes that is harder to find than the clothes itself. Once more, they are Australian based so when you purchase from Lylah with Love, you know it’s an investment into our economy. What’s not to love!

Thanks for reading and I hope you love our mother and daughter photos.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Tee by Lylah with Love | Leggings by K-mart | Everything else old
Babe is wearing: Tee by Lylah with Love | Shoes, Shorts and Headband by K-mart
Maddie is wearing: Dress by Collette Dinnigan | Everything else old

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Hi my darlings

Ever since I could afford jewellery, silver pieces have always been my weakness. Like shoes and handbags, jewellery was also made to complement your outfit and draw a little attention. Australian jewellery brand, ‘ThePeachBox‘ make online shopping simple and affordable for you. Best of all the pieces are beautifully designed, stylish and there’s something for everybody.

If you have a little bit of style schizophrenia like myself and love a diverse wardrobe, you’ll also have a diverse collection of accessories to go with. Depending on my mood I sometimes love to look chic and other times, I just want to look all rock ‘n’ roll like. Either way, with 2 young girls comfort always wins and I try to steer clear of anything that dangles unless it’s child friendly. So when I got to select some amazing silver pieces from ThePeachBox, I decided on a striking cross cuts ring and edgy set of aztec earrings. I love them so much, I wore them the whole day and that evening to dinner with the family.

If you love what you see, and keen to purchase their range, you can get 15% off for the month of October simply by using code tpb-sovannyvu at the checkout.

Thanks for reading dears and I hope you love the look I’ve put together.

Sovanny x


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