When I had my first baby Madison, I was adamant about owning a nappy bag that was versatile and as stylish as any other bag. Like many large nappy bags it came equipped with about ten pockets for me to stash all my mummy things in. I loved it, though the downfall was searching through all the pockets to find items such as keys, wallet, snacks and sunglasses. I honestly could never remember which pockets I put the items in. I also recall feeling as though I had organised myself to be disorganised. Come baby number two, I replaced my beloved nappy bag with a leather backpack as I could no longer deal with all those pockets. It’s the other way around with my backpack – not enough pockets! Therefore all my items just get thrown in and I literally have to dig in.

Chin, founder of Bellhop Bags, created Bellhop files so that she was able place all her daily essentials in an organised manner and pop them straight into which ever bag she was wearing that day. No nappy bag needed but instead just a collection of her favourite handbags. Sounds great doesn’t it?! Today, I gave these Bellhop files a whirl and here’s the down low on this clever little item.

Bellhop files come in two great colours – blue and red. I love both colours although Blue is my favourite and despite having girls, I believe it’s still a very gender neutral colour. It’s minimalist design also makes them stylish enough to carry on their own without cramping your style.

These files are essentially four generous sized zipper pouches grouped together with a large oval hook and individually tabbed for you to organise your belongings in. Once you’ve organised your essentials in these files, you can simply place them in your favourite bag, hook them directly on to your pram or place them in the lower basket. It’s versatile, practical and extremely easy to use. The tabs on these files are easily labelled with the stickers provided (there are 6 different ones) or you can simply write your own file name using a marker. The files are also designed with a transparent mesh at the front so you know exactly what is in them without having to unzip the file. Each of the four files also comes with it’s own individual clip. This makes them easy to detach, giving you the option of only carrying what you need. I’m in love and honestly believe these are a lifesaver.

Let me know what you think and be sure to visit the Bellhop Bags website and follow them on Instagram.

Sovanny x


I am wearing: Dress by Mode Madison | Shoes by Sandler| Featuring the Kaikoura Bellhop file | Everything else old

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  1. You seriously are a power mom. Wonder woman! I love how you keep your original style and don’t fall into that typical “mom” style. You are so eclectic and I love it. Also, I adore those big sunnies in those super cute Bellhop bags!

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  2. Pure brilliance! It’s so funny because I so feel the same way! Too many pockets or not enough! I currently have a backpack right now for Tay, and it’s a hot mess! Great write up beauty! 😘

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    1. Hey beautiful thanks for reading. I keep going to cheeryime 101 as thats the blog attached to your profile name but i know you’ve got a different website. I’ll try and pop around soon and can see from the gram that you’ve got a magnificent set of outfits xxx

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      1. Oh no! That’s good to know though! I’ll have to check into that! Aww… Thanks beautiful! Always appreciate your support! 🙏

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