I hope everyone has had a fabulous start to the week! It’s definitely an exciting one for us with my Instagram recently hitting the 5k milestone. To celebrate and say thank you, we’ve teamed up with the following amazing stores to bring to you my very first loop giveaway.

Dudes n Dolls
Little Boo-Teek
Little Edge Apparel
My Boutique
Velvet and Rose London

What’s fabulous about this loop is that all of these contributors are long time supporters and fellow girls bosses. Most of which all have children and are successfully running a a small business. You all know how much I love supporting all the ladies out there living the dream right!

In preparation for this giveaway, the girls and I ventured out and did a special photoshoot with clothing, accessories and toys that we’d received and purchased from all of these amazing stores. These items that we’ve got from the stores are incredible so I hope you get on board with the giveaway, show some love and enter if you will. Winner takes all with full details on the gram.

Love, Sovanny x


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