This week, women all across the globe celebrated International Womens Day. It was great to see pictures splashed across the net of women embracing modern day life and talk about what it means to be a women.

For me, it’s a day I celebrated not only for being a women but a mother and role model for my growing girls. We live in a society where we are so exposed and it’s easy to paint a perfect picture of your life on Instagram but no ones perfect. So I decided to share on the gram, 10 raw and very real facts about myself. It felt refreshing to keep it real and the response was extremely positive. If you read the facts, you will have also noted that I found it difficult growing up. I am sure my parents did the best that they could though I really struggled living with them. As a teen, I had wanted to run away from home many times and always dreamed of a better life away from home. Coming from a family of four ( two boys and two girls ) siblings, I was the eldest and remember feeling as though I wasn’t my brothers equal. I don’t like to hang out my dirty laundry online so without dishing any more details on my past, I will write that I’m determined to raise my girls and make them feel like they are just as worthy as all the men out there. No less, no more. Equals.

I am a modern day women in a modern day world and believe that we need to support one another rather than judge. After all, when women work together, we can create some amazing things.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Top from Glassons | Sunglasses from the Mode Madison | Leather overalls from Seed Heritage | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Singlet from Little Edge Apparel | Splash harems from Whitefilly
Gemma is wearing: Top from The LB Brand | Acid wash pants from Howi clothing | Everything else old

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5 thoughts on “CELEBRATE

  1. I am loving the way you think more & more 🙂 In my latest post I am talking about exactly the same things! Happy belated Women’s Day, you are a great woman, mother and human and such a motivation! I wish all women in the world would think like this one day 🙂

    Happy Sunday, dear!

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  2. You are the embodyment of an edgy modern family! Your children are so adorable and blessed to have such a rad mom.

    Glad that we can be powerful women despite the hardships of the past.

    You are a beautiful soul!


    Liked by 1 person

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