Almost two years ago now, I decided I wanted to open an online vintage shop and name it Mode Madison after my beautiful daughter.

A few months later I was made redundant at work and it was then that I decided I am going to really do this. Pregnant with my second baby, I worked tirelessly day and night and two months later in July 2014 my store was launched. Meanwhile, as a stylist I collaborated with the likes of photographers, models and hair and makeup artists to produced potential magazine worthy editorials for our respective folios.

All of this came to a little bit of a halt for a few months due to a complication with my pregnancy and I decided to deactivate my online store just as quick as it launched.

Post baby in November that year I gave myself a two month break and before I knew it, I was able to get a space at Lost and Found market in early 2015, which is now where most of my vintage collection is housed along with the Aquarium Vintage.

I won’t pretend these past few years have been easy. In fact, just when I’m about to throw in the towel I’m reminded by my family, friends and fellow girl bosses why I started to do what I do in thr first place – because I love it and it’s what I’m passionate about. Most of all I want to set a standard for myself and be a good example and role model for my girls. Backed by my little family who are the source of my willingness to keep going, I’ve decided to take the next step and go back to school and take on Styling. Its a far cry from my degree in Business and Commerce but it feels right. At the same time it’s a little bit of an unsettling reality when you’re a mum of two who decides to change her career in her mid 30’s. Though this decision didn’t go without thought and there’s no way I’m going through life without even giving what I loved a go.

Can you relate and are you making sacrifices to do what you love?

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Mens tee as dress from Cameron and James | Sunglasses from the LB brand | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Dress from Howi Clothing | Sunglasses from Milk n Soda | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Leggings by Kipp Kids from Nooshi Mou | Everything else old

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19 thoughts on “KEEP DREAMING

  1. Hi sweetheart,
    I am so proud of you. Are you kidding? Heck it isn’t an easy decision especially with 2 kids but you are making a big step to follow what you are passionate about and your dream. It will work out and you have that fire in you burning. You can’t put it out now. Wishing you the best and you all look amazing!


  2. I think your story is such an inspirational one, and that everyone who has ever considered (or has done so) giving up, needs to read. I did the same. In mid 2013 to late last year, I took a very long sabbatical from writing because I felt that I no longer had anything in me to give. As working mother of three teenagers, I was spent and exhausted and running on empty. During those 2+ years, I also gave up designing jewellery and garments for the same reason. I returned to writing around November and it was a bit of struggle initially but I’m SO glad I did. And I’m SO glad you’re back in the game too 🙂 the obstacles we encounter and overcome make us feel stronger, empowered and confident which, in turn, can only lead to positive examples for our children 🙂

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    1. Hello lovely you have literally given me goosebumps from reading your story. I am so exciting to see there’s others out there who are in exactly the same boat or have been where I am. Thanks so much for sharing and for your encouragement. It definitely means a lot. x


  3. I saw on Instagram that you were going back to school and I think it’s so cool that you choose to follow your dreams.The creative business is not always the easiest and I think it’s very common to hit a few “bumps in the road” from time to time, but in the end I believe it is always worth it to follow your dreams. Wish you the best of luck!
    PS: Love these pictures, you look like you’re having so much fun:)

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