It’s the glorious weekend and although I work from home, I still feel a high on Fridays knowing my husband will be home. Just like everyone else the girls and I also go through a downer on Mondays because the quality family time we got over the weekend is over.

Our weekends are usually far from hectic. There’s always a little time allocated for our street-style shoots but mostly we spend our early mornings pondering around the house before heading out for brunch. On nice and sunny days the parks are our best friend and on rainy days the couch and television are. Then once the girls are in bed, hubs and I either veg out or use the uninterrupted nights to work.

Today it’s a delicious 27 degrees (warm for Melbourne) so we’ve decided to go for a nice drive and spend it at the beach. I love our urban lifestyle but it’s nice to occasionally get away from the bustle to soak up the saltwater breeze.

Before I move on to enjoy some quality family time, here’s part 2 of of joggers photoshoot. Us in our joggers, the girls in full ‘tude mode and me in the Bella tee that I love so much.

Have a fabulous Sunday and sending our love.

Sovanny x

Joggers_11 Joggers_12 Joggers_16 Joggers_13

I’m wearing: Top from Lylah with Love| Steampunks from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Top from Fussy Gus | Cardigan from Beau Hudson | Joggers from Sweet Child of Mine | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Joggers from Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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19 thoughts on “JOGGERS – PART 2.

  1. You look so beautiful and effortlessly chic! Loved this set with your fam ❤ I work from home most of the time as well, and there's nothing like Friday's, especially with the hubby being off for the weekend. ❤ Wishing you a fantastic week!

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