Joggers_1Being able to confidently stand and surf around the furniture at 11 months old, we’ve been waiting for the day where Gemma decided she was ready to begin walking. Then last week on valentines day, Gemma (now 15 months old) took her first shaky little steps. It was a moment to be thankful for our mobile phones as I caught this milestone on video whilst at the park.

Now that she is walking, those hip hugging moments that we’ve been able to catch on our photoshoots will be nothing but a memory in a few months time. From todays photoshoot experience, it’s quite the game changer when it comes to taking the images with two walkers. Before we headed out for our street style shoot today, I decided to take a few images of the girls in the studio. Having them both stand for a photo together was so adorable and even Madison was as proud as punch.

It is the weekend, so nothing beats wearing joggers right?! I don’t know how I manage to catch these images but I did and I may be biased but I think they look really cool. Here’s part 1. of our ‘Joggers’ photoshoot.

Sovanny x

Joggers_5 Joggers_8 Joggers_7 Joggers_10 Joggers_2 Joggers_9

Maddie is wearing: Top from Fussy Gus | Cardigan from Beau Hudson | Joggers from Sweet Child of Mine | Steampunks from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Joggers from Little Edge Apparel | Everything else old

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