Each day we’ve got a solid 24 hours to do what we’d like do and that doesn’t go without sleep.

My task list is never ending and yet I feel as though most of what I have had to do is left on the curb because I’ve spent far to much of my precious time online. Much to my dislike, my phone has taken over my life and I’m admittedly an insta-addict. I know that some of you reading this feel the same way and if you are reading this, how do you strike a healthy balance.

This struggle is real people which is why from tomorrow I’ve decided to give myself a 72 hour detox from Instagram. I’ll be using my time to catch up on the likes of my family, business and sleep.

On a more fashionable note, I have been in search for flares since I saw on them through the babes of Instagram. Finally, I randomly came across a lacey pair. I can’t even believe that I’m sporting a pair of see through lace flares but I am and I love them. Best of all they have an elasticated waist! Hells yeah. Score them now for only $20 at Glassons. You’re very welcome.

Sovanny xxx

Timeout_4 Timeout_5 Timeout_1 Timeout_6Timeout_2

I’m wearing: Lace flare and top from Glassons | Sunglasses from the LB Brand | Thrifted necklace | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing:Everything old
Gemma is wearing: Moccs from Bellaru baby | Everything else old

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11 thoughts on “TIME OUT

  1. I agree with you 100% 🙂
    I’m taking some time off from all my social media accounts too , soon. I think is a must need it for us all.
    As always you and your lil beautiful girls look absolutely gorgeous.
    Happy New week ahead , love!

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