GWTF_2Photoshoots with my girls normally go quite smoothly. Much like adults, there are the odd times where the girls aren’t in the mood and don’t want to cooperate. Though I have been on enough photoshoots with them to know that mornings are definitely the best times for pictures and that they are fed before we leave the house.

If you look through my Instagram and think I paint the perfect picture of motherhood and perfect babies, think again because we definitely have our bad days. On this particular day, we completely missed that morning window (sleep ins are more important) and decided to squeeze in a photoshoot before heading off to visit the girls newborn cousin. The girls were fed and in good spirits and I remember thinking to myself, it’ll only take 5 minutes. So around and down the street we went to our usual location and that’s when the thought what on earth was I thinking struck. When we got to our little spot, Maddie couldn’t decide whether she wanted to be in front of the camera or not whilst Gemma screeched in the pram. What happened to those happy girls I had 5 minutes ago, I will never know. So in amongst diva behaviour and tantrums my husband took the pictures anyway. It was madness but wrapped up well with Maddie striking a full pose for me.

Post photoshoot, I realised my makeup for the day had melted off my face, Maddies hair looked  unbrushed and Gemma’s nappy cover was all saggy. I’ve selected the best of the worst photos ever taken and they’r actually pretty cute. It’s always the most candid photos that are the best. What do you think?


Sovanny x



I’m wearing: Vintage Jumpsuit and steampunk from Mode Madison | Necklace from Nellie and The Cat | Everything else old
Maddie is wearing: Tunic from AB Streetwear
Gemma is wearing: 
Moccs from Bellaru baby | Everything else old

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