Do you have a wardrobe full of clothing but tend to always want to wear the same ones? Believe me I like to think I get through all of them except I am terribly guilty of wearing the same old thing.

With limited storage space in our house, my husband and I went through and cleared out any items we no longer needed or wanted late last year. This chore is always a hard gig to handle as I tend to get attached to my clothes whether I wear them or not.

During the culling process however, I tend to keep all my comfy items. I keep my Pj’s with holes for instance or clothes that are as old as I am becauseI can slip into it and do the coffee run first thing in the morning. I also love one piece items like this old Zara t-shirt dress. I believe my daughters have also picked up the comfy gene. They prefer joggers over jeans. Shorts over skirts and well if they had it their way no clothes at all!

What are you’re comfortable staples and will you ever get rid of them?

Thanks for dropping by for a read.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Sunglasses from Mode Madison | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Pants from Nooshi Mou | Beanie from Lot801 | Sunglasses from Milk n Solda | Everything else old

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27 thoughts on “COMFY

  1. Yes!!! Love my comfy clothes… Nor can I part with them. Every year I attempt to reduce the clutter, but I only end up getting rid of a couple things.
    You two look so chill, yet so glamorous! Love!

    Sasha Agent


  2. Yes, we i definitely have those pieces i can’t let go for the life of me. From leggings to shorts to dresses and they are usually the “throw-on and go” pieces, the new new (still waiting to be worn) but post of all those old comfy pieces for runs and errands. You two look s o cute and chic I just can’t get enough of it.


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