These past few weeks have been quite challenging. My eldest is maturing and childish beyond disbelief and there are some days where I don’t know how to handle her (mis) behaviour. On the other hand the little one is happy right around the clock. Though quite the opposite of each other the love they have for one another is intense, and it’s extraordinary to watch two little people growing up together.

I don’t know how we managed to raise such beautiful people. Little people who have shown me what true love and sacrifice really is. Parenting is one tough gig but it’s the best gig in the world I can assure you.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Tee from Cameron and James
Maddie is wearing: Top by Adam and Yve from Nooshi Mou | Everything else old
Gemma is wearing: Tee from Kipp Kids | Bandana shorts from Fussy Gus

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