Hey lovers and cheers to the start of another weekend.

Is it just me or do you feel as though this year is rapidly eating away?! I have big plans for 2016 and at the same time, I am still trying to catch up on left over items from 2015. For instance, I have a file full of images that were intended for blog posts but as the Xmas holidays turned out, I used my time to relax rather than blog. Can you blame me?

The images included a set of my little girl squad in a camo themed photoshoot. Since I could afford clothing, camo along with tartan has always been a part of my wardrobe. Now, I’m beginning to introduce this print I love so much into my girls wardrobe. I would have done it ages ago however clothing in this print was almost impossible to find until recently. Using styling tips from one of my fave mummas Charlotte from Milk N Honee, I coordinated the girls and I so that we’d be all matchy matchy but not to the point where there’s cheese on top.

I believe these images to be very cute although I am a little biased. What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Vintage jumpsuit from Mode Madison | Sunglasses from The LB Brand
Babes are wearing: Camo apparel from Ballerinas and Boys | Everything else old

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18 thoughts on “CAMO TIME

  1. Hey there Pretty Mama! I can totally relate, 2015 is very present in my 2016 at the moment. I decided this last week to take it easy and not post and try to leave social media alone for a few days with a check in here and there with some of my favorite Mamas! I’ve recharged and ready to get back to it for the new year!
    Great post…love the pics as always!


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  2. Happy New Year my friend. You are just that stylish mom that your children will always be proud of!!! I’m glad to meet you on IG and just start picking up your new posts. Thank you for following along and will come here more often! Cheers.

    Vivian –

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