The new year is here and I still can’t believe that 2015 went as fast as it arrived. Over the Christmas break we thought of travelling overseas and seeing a new place in the world with the family but after a lot of thought nothing sounded better than quality family time. So we flew off to Adelaide where my girls could spend some quality time with their grandparents. It also gave the husband and I an opportunity to spend undistracted time with the kids whilst we recharged our batteries.


Adelaide has a lot to do and nothing to do at the same time so guess what? We did a whole lot of nothing. There was the occasional trip out to a new cafe or restaurant and the beach but that was it. Other than that we were just a bunch of home bodies enjoying the qualities of home life.


Clothing wise, I packed comfortable staples that also included thrifted and vintage gear to take with me. My girls were gifted with a stack of new clothing for Christmas so I took advantage of that and only packed what I needed. Speaking of gifts, this Christmas, there was an effort to shop small this year and I’m absolutely loving all the new pieces they are wearing.

Featuring Australian shops/brands including Adam & Eve, Axel & Sis, Fussy Guss, Kipp Kids, Lylah with Love, Milly and Mack, Nellie and the Cat, Nooshi Mou and Mode Madison, here’s our holiday style….when we could be bothered 🙂

Happy new year xxx


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8 thoughts on “WHEN ON HOLIDAYS

  1. Very beautiful post. Every shot has a story to tell but even more so is the fact that your kids are just as adorable as can be. You look amazing Sovanny. I couldn’t be happier with a quality time spent with family and it doesn’t even matter what we do or don’t do. Love every single outfit you all have on!

    Happy New Year dear friend and thank you for being awesome!


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