Who has girls but shops in the boys section? Hands up over here. We do!


For the longest time, my friends with boys are always saying that girls have the best clothes and for a while that was true. However in the last couple of years, creators of boys clothing have stepped up their game and then there’s the marvellous creators of unisex clothing. Holler!

If your girls are like mine and can work girly and tomboy at the same time then there’s a few great unisex labels out there which I can roll off my tongue. Check out Little Edge Apparel, The LB Brand, Lot 801, Ballerinas and Badboys and Axel and Sis just to name a few.

On a style note, I want a matching outfit like Maddies right now.


Sovanny x

Maddie is wearing wearing: Tee by Axel and Sis | Camo Pants from Ebay | Boots from Kmart | Steampunks from Mode Madison | Everything else old

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