Hey everyone!

If you are currently following me on Instagram, you will have noticed that Lylah with Love and I are holding a very special giveaway in light of the festive season.

As part of this giveaway, we took Sunday sleep in’s to the next level and turned our bedroom upside down. Oh and we totally woke up like this. We flawless!


All jokes aside, if you are an Australian resident and decide to participate, there is a chance to go in to the running to win a Powered by Milk and Battery Running Low mummy and me tee set. The giveaway ends this Friday 4 December at 5pm AEST and the steps to winning are so simple. In addition to this giveaway, Lylah with Love are also holding a mega 25% off sale. It just keeps getting better. Check them out!


Sovanny xx

I’m wearing:  Tee by Lylah with Love | Headband from Mode Madison | Scandi necklace by Nellie and the Cat |  Everything else told
Madison is wearing wearing: Lips and Lashes Tee by Lylah with Love | Scandi necklace by Nellie and the Cat | Eye mask from Kmart
Gemma is wearing: Tee by Lylah with Love | Everything else old

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8 thoughts on “SOME FESTIVE LOVE

  1. Hi fellow mommy blogger!

    Ya’ll are so cute! I’m expecting my second baby girl and I’m so excited. I may copy your picture ideas!!

    I wanted to invite you to a mom blogger community that will have specific advice for mom bloggers like yourself! Helpful tips on how to manage cooking dinner for your family while pushing out a post during the day. Or if you’d like to get more in depth with your blog, how to monetize it and stand out in the sea of 14 million other mommy blogs. If you’re interested, I’d love to welcome you! Please check it out here:

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

    Hugs, Suzi


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