Motherhood – It’s a role of a lifetime. One that’s also extremely involved and requires you to be on call 24/7. On the days when I feel as though I’m losing it, my girls tend to just giggle and remind me it’s ok. They don’t expect me to be perfect. As at now all they really want is my time and affection. It sounds quite simple doesn’t it?

As a mother of two who is currently running a business and blogging, the balance is harder than it seems. How and when can I work with these babes around? Am I spending way to much time on my phone? Should I just be focuing on them rather than dinner, cleaning, emails, instagram………????????? I’m always questioning myself and my to do list goes on.

After more than 3 years of being a mother, I still hadn’t got the balancing act right. I felt I had to do something before I began to lose my mind and all my hair with it. Then, a month or so ago I took charge and decided to just for once try and do one thing at a time. I also decided that some things can just wait. It’s definitely a work in progress but since my attempt, I’m far less anxious and more in control of my life. Consequently work has had to slow down but it’s worth every bit.

Motherhood – I’ve got this!

Thanks for reading and please share how to manage motherhood with everything else. I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Sovanny x


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2 thoughts on “MOTHERHOOD

  1. I was intrigued to see that a young mother in Australia found our blog. I’m assuming it was by chance, but glad you did find us! Your pictures are delightful. I’m always happy to encourage any young mother struggling with juggling kids and career. I’ve seen a lot of many years of motherhood and, since my eldest Gill and I write our blog together, figure I must have done something right. (I’m never sure what, but blind luck is your friend!)

    I just visited Australia for the first time last spring and am going again shortly. Wonderful place–and a lot warmer than Canada! I’m pleased that you enjoyed our blog and hope you will continue to do so.

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