Hi peeps

A post with just my eldest Maddie. Let’s face it, she does street style much better than her momma. Am I right?! Since she was born, I had my heart on raising her to appreciate all that she has. The thing with that is, the hubs isn’t always on board. He spoils her to smithereens and lately, I’ve given in a little myself. Whilst most of her wardrobe consists on hand me downs and k-mart items, I couldn’t get past the Collette Dinnigan items spotted in the Aldi Isles.

The quality was absolutely beautiful and for $29.95 each, I thought what a steal and purchased three unique designs. Maddie loved this blue rah rah dress as first sight and she just had to have a photo in it. They are still available, so go on and get ’em quick!

Sovanny x


Babe wearing: Dress by Collette Dinnigan | Everything else old

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