Shortly after my youngest Gemma was born, I began working again. Whether it was writing a blog post, maintaining my social media accounts, managing my vintage shop, modelling or styling projects. It isn’t unusual these days to hear about mums going to back to work shortly after birth and I remember the urge to get back to blogging because I missed it and was afraid I wouldn’t be in the game anymore. Suddenly, Gemma is almost 1 and I feel as though I never had that maternity leave that I had with my eldest Madison. Do I regret it? No because you’ve got to live and learn. Are there some things I would have done differently? Yes, absolutely.

If, I were able to press the rewind button, I would have spent 3-6 months enjoying the pleasures of being a second time mum and planning for what I would do when I went back to work. Had I done that, I would’t have been so distracted by all the things I could be doing and instead focus my energy on all the amazing things I will be doing. Secondly plan for how I how I could balance my family with work. Being a modern day mother who wants it all at the same time, I now know that in order to have it all, you need more than just 24 hours in a day. Or there is the option of no sleeping though I wouldn’t recommend it.

In the midst of this crazy year, my children have grown up so quickly and I can’t help but think if only there was a pause button in life. I’d even settle for a slow motion button so that I could cherish those cuddles and kisses that little bit longer.

The year ahead, I see a brighter future than the one today. One where, I’m a mother who makes time for her children. One who’s more focused and less distracted by others desires. One who’s passionate and determined to follow through with projects she loves. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on the progress.

Have you had time to reflect on the year gone by?

Sovanny x


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Babe wearing: Top by Maiko Mini | Everything else old

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10 thoughts on “TIME TO REFLECT

  1. So so so cute! Oh man, I haven’t even thought about reflection of the year yet…but I guess this year is coming to an end and it is always good to look back and grow from the past. I do totally agree with you and wish there was a slow motion button because man these kiddos grow up so fast.

    Much love!


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