When it comes to fashion I have a very special place for sustainable, eco, used, vintage and locally produced clothing.

Then there’s the affordability and accessibility aspect which is important for me to factor in. With two young children, not only am I time poor but I can no longer frequently splurge on expensive clothing. This is why I am such a huge fan of online shopping. Not only is online shopping accessible, the platform makes it incredibly easy to shop around and bargain hunt for your particular price point.

Online stores such as Boohoo pride themselves on being able to provide affordable and trendy fashion and beauty products. So when they asked me to put together an entire Spring outfit for $120 this is what I came up with. It’s amazing that I managed to get a dress, shoes, clutch and beauty products at such great value.

The babes and I all got ready to party in our floral dresses and played chinese whispers mid shoot. I just love how my eldest daughter brings back the most delightful childhood memories.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Everything by Boohoo | Dress | Clutch | Shoes | Bronzing Multi Mix
Babes wearing: Everything old

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