When it comes to raising our girls, I’ll admit that I’ve always worn the strict hat. While I make the rules and expect the husband to follow suit it doesn’t exactly happen that way.Indeed parenting has it’s challenges but I won’t go online about it.

With so much going on at the same time I’ve definitely relaxed over the years. Things that I said I’d never do as a parent, I did. There’s no textbook on how to parent and if there are then it should only be taken lightly. I mean really, how does the book know your kids as well as you do!

One thing that you definitely learn to do more of on the parenting job is run and act like a kid all over again.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Top by Missguided | Necklace by Nellie and the Cat | Everything else old
Babe wearing: Leggings by Target | Shoes by H&M | Everything else old

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