It has been an absolute crazy couple of weeks. Mostly I’ve been a mummy to my babes but then there’s also managing my small business and the blog.

When it comes to the blog, there’s a lot of work and effort behind the scenes. Additionally, for me there’s also the added pressure when it’s my time poor husband that takes the images and we have 2 kids rollin’ with us. But we push through because I love it, it provides me with a creative outlet and also allows me to connect with inspirational people all over the world.

After bub number 2 arrived,  we’ve learnt to be more efficient. Photoshoots now tend to happen locally if not on the way to or after a family outing. These images were taken in the evening at a local street art strip after some mid week Thai.


I completed my old meets new outfit with a much needed statement necklace. Having always been a fan of jewellery, it’s always nice to have quality pieces that you can use to jazz up an outfit. This particular piece was from My Boutique – an online store with a load of fashionable jewellery at affordable prices. So go on and check them out.


For all the bloggers out there, kids or no kids – how do you keep it up? I’d really love to hear from you.

I’m wearing: Playsuit and boots by Asos || Necklace and silver ring from My Boutique || Vintage Jacket by Cue Clothing || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage Clothing

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