Hey lovers

So what’s new in this mommas wardrobe?!

This dress was added to my postpartum collection as I wanted a pretty piece that was both basic and comfortable. As pictured, vintage elements like the drop waist skirt can be found in today’s modern fashion. What I particularly love though are the simple details it offers like the pockets and adjustable spaghetti straps. The pockets allow a place for my keys and phone without rummaging through my bag while the adjustable straps make it easy to feed my bub.

There’s also a new found purpose for all my crop tops too. Rather than writing them off, I’ve layered this particular one under my dress for extra coverage. It also offers a simple yet ingenious solution to those otherwise exposed bra straps.

Finally sneakers have always been a favourite. They’ve formed part of my outfit for so many years that I didn’t even realise I was following the sporty chic trend so there you go.

What’s new in your wardrobe?


I’m wearing: Dress and backpack from Asos || Shoes by Adidas || Crop top by Zara || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage

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