Photographer: Lynda Nguyen, Lindy Lu Photography
Model & stylist: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison
Photoshoot inspired by: Alice in Wonderland


Hello lovers

These images were taken back in February this year. I’ve held myself from posting them, simply because I was waiting for the right moment and the right moment is now.

At the time my girlfriend and photographer had a chat with me about wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot. Sounded interesting of course and funny enough the concept really resonated with how I felt at that time in my life. I remember feeling content but wanting to do more. I remember having everything going for me but wanting to escape reality. Lucky for me, I was heading on holidays with the family shortly after these images were taken. It was this trip overseas that allowed me to re-evaluate my life and come back with a fresh perspective.

When I returned from the trip, my corporate job was up in the air and just as well it was because it was an opportunity for me to leave and pursue what I wanted and rather than escape reality, really live in the moment and be completely happy with the work I was doing. Since leaving my desk job in late May, everyday feels like a blessing. In these 2 or so months, I have managed to work full-time from home to get my online store Mode Madison up and running. I won’t lie, it has been long hours. I literally working day and night but at the same time, I do get to spend more time with my daughter, work with interesting people and utilise those creative skills that have been buried in a cave for years.

My store name was inspired by my love for fashion and my daughter Madison hence the name Mode Madison. Offering a collection of vintage and pre-loved items, the store is all about Style that Lasts. Coming from someone that didn’t shop for an entire year, I really do believe that you don’t have to be wearing brand new clothes to look hot and trendy.

Thank you so much for reading all,


AIW_2014_1 AIW_2014_2 AIW_2014_3 AIW_2014_4 AIW_2014_5 AIW_2014_6 AIW_2014_7

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4 thoughts on “MODE MADISON

  1. This is so awesome and definitely a super creative shot. I have been reading up on past posts i have missed and your blog just took a whole 360 degree on us :))), but i love it. I am excited for you on how far you have gone and will continue to go. I am so proud of you Sovanny and just wishing you nothing but the best.


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