Hello all

Late last week I revealed via Facebook that I’ll be launching my very own business. It’s a risk but one I am willing to take in order to finally pursue a profession in fashion and styling.

Prior to its launch, I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to pull it all together. Needless to say, I love my new job and collaborating with other artists to make it all happen. The beauty about all of this is the opportunity to meet new people and promote local businesses and artist.

Set like a fairytale, here’s a behind the scenes preview of a collaboration that took place over the Queens Birthday holiday. Professional images and more details to follow.


Production Team: Clothing and Styling by Mode Madison || Photography by Lindy Lu Photography || Hair and makeup by Cindy Siegemund || Models Giulia Nena and Amrita Sharma

Thanks for stopping by.

Sovanny xx

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3 thoughts on “FAIRYTALE

  1. So proud of you Sovanny! OMG!
    This is such amazing news.
    You know, change is always scary at first but once you’re in it, you’ll wonder why you even doubted in the 1st place. I’m more than convinced you’ll do brilliantly!!
    Love you my Treny Momma
    Teekay xxx


  2. OMG I am so happy for you! I think this the best decision for you! You def have a gift in styling and I am happy you took the leap. Don’t ever be afraid of performing your God given talents! 🙂


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