Hello gorgeous

When the person behind the lens is passionate about the art of photography, the end result is absolutely amazing.

For months, I have thought about the day when my dear friend Lynda (from Lindy Lu Photography ) and I would work together on a fashion shoot. It took months to make this happen, because I wanted the concept behind the photo-shoot to be both unique and personal. Once more, I wanted the photographs to depict a part of the person that I am today.

Today, I’m a mother who’s bold and confident in her own skin. One that loves to shop but is no longer an extreme consumerist. One that loves expensive clothing but is more than happy to shop at Savers. One that knows a vintage or second-hand piece can look just a flattering as any new item. One that would rather spend money on her daughter than herself. One that would invest money on a good time rather than clothes. One that wants to contribute to a more eco-friendly existance. While motherhood does not define the person that I am, the experience to date has had an immense influence on the changes in my behaviour and perspective to the world of consumerism.

With this short representation, a beautiful retro concept was created which aims to capture me in the present day. Permission was granted for us to utilise a closed down petrol station as the back drop, while a dear friend of Lynda’s gave us use of an old Ford Cortina as the prop. Modelling in clothes that were either old or second-hand, I found this experience both liberating and satisfying. Best of all, I was able to work with a friend that shared the same values as I. I am so excited to be sharing these swagging photographs with you and hope that you love this personal piece.

Thank you for reading.

Sovanny x


Credits:: A special thanks to Lynda from Lindy Lu Photography for all her work and photographs, Tim Dinh for lending us the cars and Andy owner of Andy’s Service Station, Sunshine for the exclusive use of his site.

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13 thoughts on “MOTHER

  1. Hi Sovanny
    thank you for your kind words. It was an absolute pleasure doing this shoot with you. You’re lovely, genuine, photogenic and easy to work with. Looking forward to our next project.
    Lynda x


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